The Clio Award was awarded for design and photography of a project for Saab/Scania. The photos included various features of the Saab 900S. Many of the shots were of the interior of the vehicle, and the sunroof of the car provided a convienient location to place my softbox strobe lighting.

The Plaque was awarded "Best Booth of Show" for the Jewelry industry trade show. The design of the booth was a collaboration between Eric Barao ( and myself. Eric just happens to be my son and a designer/muscian. You can also view his band's site at Now was that free advertising or what!

The design of the booth graphics presented us with a dilemma. The client had some trepidation about the concept. Reluctantly, they gave us the go ahead. The resulting award was cheerfully accepted by them and they remain loyal and happy clients to this day.

These are some of the awards we have garnished through the years.